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3D Prayer for Kids / Oracion 3-D Para Ninos
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All three PRAYER BOOKS adult, student's and children's Bilingual versions
Triple the Power


Teaches different animals
Noah's Animals/ Los Animales de Noe


This book is the simplified children's version of 3-Dimensional Prayer and 3D Prayer. It is designed to teach children how to pray and receive results. This book ends with many prayers concerinig things of interest to children (school, safety, parents, etc.). While the rest of the series has activities to assist in attaining the highest level of memory retention, the main focus of this particular book is to teach children how to pray and to enjoy prayer time with other children.
3D Prayer for Kids / Oracion 3-D para Ninos


As God's Word and the Daily News culminates, prayer becomes more vital.This one book illustrates and demonstrate all kinds of prayer strategies; petition, supplication, intercession, warfare, groaning, wrestling, travailing, in the Spirit and with understanding (Ephesians 6:17). All types of prayer is unfolded and expounded upon, effective in all 3Dimensions (in heaven, on earth over the powers of darkness. The clarion call to prayer is also a call to unity, the powerful results of speaking as one mighty voice.


It was the longest ride of Grace Swift’s life. For nine hours she could think only about the excruciating task awaiting her: identifying the body of her youngest son. He had been a radical prayer warrior and Christian who placed his confidence in God despite his personal imperfections. But in a random act of murder, he was gunned down in his youth.


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